A Cover-up for Aquino and Purisima

Aquino wants to get away from his criminal responsibility in the bloody Mamasapano fiasco by trying to cover up the following:

1. Abusing his position as AFP and PNP commander-in-chief, he authorized the suspended PNP Chief General Purisima to plan and direct Oplan Wolverine and criminally disregarded the chain of command. Who else could have authorized Purisima? Not just Ochoa who can act only upon the authority and instruction of his President.

2. He and Purisima were chiefly responsible for the deliberate absence of coordination of Oplan Wolverine with the PNP chain of command and with the Philippine Army and Air Force.

3. He violated the ceasefire agreement with the MILF by deliberately failing to consult and coordinate with the MILF before the botched up operation in Mamasapano.

4. He was in Zamboanga in the company of his American bosses and handlers monitoring the final operation of Oplan Wolverine and waiting for it to succeed and give him US acclamation and international publicity.

Aquino expected to profit from Oplan Wolverine, he should accept responsibility for his criminality.

The board of inquiry formed under the command of Aquino will certainly cover up his criminal responsibility and make the SAF command take the responsibility to a minimized extent . The propaganda machinery of Aquino is now frenziedly accusing the MILF of brutality during and after combat in order to divert public attention and cover up the fact that Aquino and Purisima were the ones most stupidly and criminally responsible for sending the killed and wounded SAF troops to a death trap.

The scheme to generate a hate-MILF campaign to divert public attention from Aquino’s criminal responsibility is likely to paralyze, if not doom, the GPH-MILF peace negotiations during the remainder of Aquino’s stay in power. Aquino’s preoccupation with the consequences of his Mamasapano fiasco is also adversely affecting the resumption of the GPH-NDFP peace negotiations.

Aquino has a self-indulgent, small-minded and malicious kind of leadership. When Pope Francis was around, he was preoccupied with thinking of how to get back at his critics among the bishops and priests, instead of undertaking goodwill measures, like releasing the NDFP consultants and political prisoners, pleaded by the religious and human rights organizations. When there is a President like Aquino, what do you expect?



By Prof. Jose Maria Sison