ILPS Welcomes Release of all Cuban and Normalization of US-Cuba Relations

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison

Chairperson, International League of Peoples’ Struggle

December 22, 2014


We, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, share with the Cuban people and their leadership the great joy of celebrating the  release of the remaining 3 of the Cuban 5 and the  return of all these anti-terrorist heroes to their homeland. We demanded their freedom for a long time and we  are elated that they are free.  They were unjustly imprisoned in the US for more than 16 years.


We also welcome the decision of the Cuban and US governments to reestablish diplomatic relations and to work for their normalization. It is the prerogative of any independent state, be it socialist or not, to establish and develop normal diplomatic and trade relations with other countries, irrespective of ideology or social system.  We  demand the immediate and complete lifting  of  the economic, commercial and financial blockade that the US has imposed on Cuba for more than 50 years.


It is a great victory for the Cuban people and their leadership that because of their protracted revolutionary struggle against imperialism the US government  has finally admitted the failure of its policy of hostility and blockade.  We share with all the peoples, forces and movements in solidarity with the Cuban people the joy in celebrating such historic victory.


We have confidence that the Cuban people and their leadership will continue to uphold, defend and promote their national sovereignty and independence and their socialist ideals.  We continue to stand in solidarity with them and support them in fending off attempts of the US to demand the unbridled license of US corporations, agencies and imperialist-funded NGOs in exchange for the lifting of the blockade.  There are indeed risks and dangers to reckon with.


History has shown that revolutionary states can maintain their independence, their own principles and social system, even as they have normal diplomatic and trade relations with other states of whatever ideology and social system. The Cuban people have their firm revolutionary principles, historical experience and continuing revolutionary will, vigilance and militancy to be able to counter any trap or trick of  the imperialists and their reactionary agents.###