Letter from a Victim of Trumped-up Criminal Charges

I am very much relieved that two regional trial judges have recently finally acquitted me of trumped-up criminal charges filed against me in their courts by state military forces and prosecutors.

This November 26, a Quezon City Regional Trial Court (QC RTC) Judge Editha Mina-Aguba, finally acquitted me of charges of multiple murder and frustrated murder, falsely and spuriously filed against a certain “Rogelio Villanueva”.

Earlier (a month ago), another QC RTC Judge Marilou Runes-Tamang, ruled that I am not the “Rogelio Villanueva” that reactionary military forces and prosecutors also charged with multiple murder in another trumped-up case.

While I, my human rights lawyers (from the Public Interest Law Center), other human rights advocates, my family, friends, and other sympathizers and supporters, have long suffered those false and malicious charges, that were filed against me by reactionary military forces and prosecutors, and that have taken seven painful years before being demolished, we are grateful to the two judges for finally recognizing the utter falsity of those charges, and boldly upholding my innocence.

We are also grateful that another judge have also dismissed in the past a trumped-up charge against me. We hope that the same should happen in regard to two remaining trumped-up charges against me, and also in regard to similar trumped-up charges against hundreds of other political prisoners being unjustly detained in this country.

In my case, I have already suffered eleven years of unjust and cruel detention as a political prisoner, and still continue to suffer such, given the efforts of the reactionary state forces to supress militant advocates of and fighters for the cause of the poor and oppressed and the mass of the people in our country.

There are many — to date, more than five hundred — other political prisoners in this country who have suffered and continue to suffer the same or even more injustice, cruelties and violations of their freedom and human rights.

We, political prisoners, continue to call the attention of fair-minded judges and many others of the like, including all advocates and fighters in the interest of the people, especially the down-trodden, to continue in the work and fight for respect of human rights and freedom for political prisoners and the mass of our oppressed and exploited people.

Resolutely, in the service of the people,

Eduardo Serrano
Political prisoner
Special Intensive Care Area 1
Camp Bagong Diwa,
Bicutan, Taguig City
November 28, 2015