Political Prisoners in Camp Bagong Diwa on Fasting and Hunger Strike after death of NDFP Peace Consultant and Political Prisoner Ka Eddik Serrano

We, political prisoners in Camp Bagong Diwa, join other political prisoners across the country in going on fasting and hunger strike starting with the southward funeral march today, January 12, until the burial in January 17 of the body of deceased NDFP Peace Consultant and staunch fighter for the rights of indigenous peoples, peasants and other exploited and oppressed people, foully arrested, charged as another person, suffered a snail-paced course of justice and held as political prisoner for more than 11 years — Ka Eddik Serrano.

Such acts of self-sacrifice is in protest against the grave injustice that Ka Eddik endured for 11 years, eroded his health and caused his death.

We join in the protest of other political prisoners in the country, and categorically state that successive reactionary regimes — up to the current Benigno S. Aquino III regime — are responsible for Ka Eddik’s death.

Words fail us in expressing the depth of our collective rage at the gross injustice and violations of human rights, and of peace agreements that we political prisoners have long been suffering.

Justice for Ka Eddik and all victims of injustice!
Adelberto Silva Alan Jazmines
Ernesto Lorenzo Loida Magpatoc
Ruben Saluta Tirso Alcantara
and other political prisoners in Camp Bagong Diwa